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“Suddenly it all made ​​history here, made ​​my imagination. Today is just a very nice spell that has left us memories” – Harry Potter Forever

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“In just a train journey to work had the great idea of ​​writing books that way. Not everyone believed but I managed to bring the magic to everyone”

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What is that Evanna is? Beauty, talent and TATTOOS!

Evanna has several qualities that we could cite, in addition to their beauty and sheer talent give prominence to his side more “exotic” say their tattoos that give a charm to her more. Evy has two tattoos, different parts of your body first tattoo is this image below:


As we know, Evanna is a big fan of Michael Jackson and so in order to honor him tattooed on her neck, the eyes of Michael.

The second tattoo is the latest, check below:

In honor of his famous character “Luna Lovegood” played in the movies of Harry Potter Saga, Evy tattooed a Hare (his patron) and a moon that gives the meaning of “Lunatic”. No one knows for sure which part of the body the tattoo was done, Evy just updated his official Twitter (@Evy_Lynch) telling the news.

And recently Evanna has updated his twitter saying they were thinking of getting a tattoo with something related to Gryffindor:


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New old pictures of Emma playing Hockey

As you know, one of Emma’s favorite sports are hockey and even she was participating in field hockey team of college (Brown University) in 2010. In a game versus Boston College Brown University. In the photos, you can tell it’s old because it was around the time she cut her hair. Check out the photos!


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Evanna Lynch will act in a new movie: Monster Butler!

Evanna Lynch joins Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan and Joanne Whalley in the crime thriller that begins shooting in Scotland this week. Evanna Lynch, best known for playing Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies, has joined the cast of Monster Butler, the thriller starring Malcolm McDowell. Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan, and Joanne Whalley are also in the film, which tells the true story of Roy Fontaine, also known as Archibald Hall (McDowell). Fontaine was a bisexual jewel thief, murderer série.O film, which begins to be recorded this week in Scotland, will tell his personal descent into darkness and his eventual capture. Lynch will play Fiona Carrick-Smith, who is intrigued by the new butler who apparently knows all about his upper-class family. Seeing him like an old confidant, wiser, she confesses his doubts to his forthcoming marriage and his desire to dangerous emotions. She just acts on your favored Butler, acts of reckless behavior that leads to betrayal and tragedy. McDowell, Diane Smith and Chris Roe are the producers. Wilson da Silva is the executor of productions. Dark House Films is behind the production, which will be released by Warner Bros.HISTORY: Gary Oldman, Dominic Monaghan join in ‘Monster Butler “Lynch had a single entrance into the world of acting. A fan of the Harry Potter books, she began corresponding with the author JK Rowling to 11 years. This led her to audition for the role of Lovegood to 14 years, beating, according to reports, thousands of other hopefuls. His work earned him a Best Performance in a feature film nomination for Young Artist Awards. Lynch is representative of the APA and Management Schumacher.

 In addition to posting a tweet about it!

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Preview of new photoshoot of Evanna to FAULT Magazine!

Lately, our dear Evy, has done several photo shoots, which is really good, and you, what harm can expect more new photos, magazine FAULT, photographed Evy, to celebrate his newest project, Monster Butler. See a preview of the photo shoot, and that the fault magazine posted on the site!

“The beautiful Evanna Lynch could easily have been consumed by his famaem Harry Potter. Known and loved for his role as Luna Lovegood in the film version of JK Rowling’s magical series, Evanna plays the character so well that a less talented actress would have been unable to move on with his career. Evanna, who just announced his latest role as Fiona Carrick-Smith for the thriller “Monster Butler” Butler-Monster-in Portuguese. Co-starring Gary Oldman and the legendary Malcolm McDowell in the lead role, we are super excited and can not wait to check out the trailers! To celebrate the new role of Evanna, we are posting a preview of our exclusive fashion shoot with the blonde who loves to have fun, done in the spring, Hyde Parkem in London. We say “fun loving” for a reason: Evanna and crew spent more time dancing around that Rihanna actually taking pictures. This is probably the only picture we have serious. We love them all, and hope you do too. “
                 Evanna was photographed by the FAULT Issue 11 by Ben Johnson and visual Helen McGuckin.
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New video on Facebook Daniel of The Woman in Black

The Official Website of The Woman in Black in the UK (, has posted a new video of Dan, this time reading the horror story of winning a competition (see the post about the competition here) made ​​on 31 October 2011, which would as a prize a chance to be the story that won the DVD and Blu-ray, as well as for digital download copy of the film.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ”I went, but I had no idea I would win, I was happy enough just to get into the top 10 and I can not wait to see Daniel reading my story!” - Nicola said.